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The Face behind the Words.

Inspiration, Faith, Wellness...

Hey, my name is Jael Jackson! I'm the person behind these blog posts you've had the chance to read. I'm 20 years old and live in Pennsylvania. I'm also currently a Junior at South Carolina State University and I'm a Biology major. I'm currently in school studying to become a pediatrician, and am trying to figure out my purpose along the way.

I've had some experiences in my life so far that have allowed me to shape my mindset and start to figure out and navigate adulthood. But as you will quickly read throughout my blog posts, I'm not quite finished with that growing yet. It's all about recognizing areas of weakness to bring about necessary change. 

I am also a Christian and have been one pretty much since I've come out the womb, but it wasn't until I was in my last years of High School entering into college that I got my own true understanding of who God was to me. I'm grateful that I was raised with the knowledge instilled in me, but being able to figure it out for myself made it so much better. I found that entering into college, it's a lot of responsibility as soon as you step on campus and when you're still trying to figure things out you get pulled in different directions, but if you allow God to use those times of confusion to allow him to provide the guidance, you'll be left with nothing but joy and new understanding. 

I hope through this blog you can get a glimpse of what I've had the chance to experience and maybe you've experienced similar. Just remember to read everything with an open mind, ready to learn, because that's exactly how knowledge is truly received. 

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