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Avoid Allowing Want to Produce Unhealthy Progression

"Strive for progress, not perfection." - Anonymous

Healthy Desire

Yes, it's healthy to have a desire or want for something. Having a true want and desire for something is what allows us to have that drive to build upon our success. Being driven is going to bring about the feelings of want for something more, but of course too much or an excess of something can turn into something unhealthy. In my personal experience, I've felt the lowest in my life when I began wanting something that wasn't intended for me in this very moment of my life. When I felt that what I saw was what I was supposed to have for myself right now as well. Everyone has their own intended story, their own intended path, and most importantly their own intended blessings. Just because one person has a blessing in this very moment that you envisioned for yourself doesn't mean that when you are most fit for it, it won't come in that specified time. It's not in your best interest to receive something before you're prepared to appreciate it or use it to it's biggest or best capacity. Yes, I envisioned myself at a different stage at this age in my life, but I've also taken the same opportunity to recognize the blessings and opportunities I've already carved for myself thus far. It's about the personal appreciation. Personal appreciation will always make room for healthy recognition of shortcomings and gratitude for the current progression you find yourself in.

Healthy Progression

Progression by definition is "the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state." The definition itself says developing through a gradual process, it's not overnight, it's not meant to be quick. Everything quick doesn't have the substance or girth to last a long time. When you enjoy progression through a healthy lens, the process can end of seeming fast because you took the time to enjoy each step. Allowing free flowing opportunity and positions to come to you without force, the success that's intended won't have a choice but to come when the Lord intends. Now, that may seem like an excuse just to be lazy, but you still need to make sure that you're putting yourself in the position for improvement. Constant improvement has no choice, but to breed new opportunity and advancement whether that mean personally or professionally. The biggest lesson I had to learn was that it's really no one's business what goes on in your life, the important thing is that you take control and make your life your business and your business alone. There's no need for comparison cause most of the time these days, things aren't as they seem, so you can't trust what you see. The more you focus on what is intended to be focused on, the more room for advancement you'll have. Without the distraction of spur of the moment want, will leave more room for smart and healthy progression.


It won't happen overnight so don't expect it too. There's no need for it to happen overnight because fast success doesn't breed an appreciation for it. Wanting success for an image will never bring satisfaction, but wanting success for your personal improvement and happiness will leave you will an appreciation for both yourself and for how far you've come. Shift your mindset from constant comparison to passionate progression.


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