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Beauty as God Intended and Not the World's Intentions.

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Many feel that the only measure of beauty is by what the world has defined it, by European definition, when in fact beauty began with God's definition.

True beauty begins with a heart that is filled with a love for God. When we have a love for God, we will seek to make ourselves like him. To emulate him in different areas of our lives. Taking that thought one step further, beauty is also within us seeking to bring others to Christ so they can know him too.

Understanding Beauty in its Purest Form

"And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!"- Romans 10:15.

Beauty in its purest form began when the Lord created man. We were created from the mud and dirt of the ground, the most simple products for formulation. There wasn't any glitz or glamour, it was just the human body, created in it's most purest form. Through all this simplicity, the Lord saw the most beautiful thing, his creation, the one part of creation created in HIS image, HIS likeness.

Moving onto Modern Day...

I very much understand the difficulty of understanding and applying this concept to being a young person in this generation. What the media has surrounded us with is sometimes an impossible image of what they have defined as what beauty should be. Yes, over time the vision of beauty has expanded because society has forced it too, but there are still underlying views on what is the most universally beautiful. As we take the time to personally grow in our confidence, we can't, in the process, forget that purely our love and likeness of Christ makes us beautiful, completely setting aside what the world says you need to add on.

Healthy Balance

If you don't love the beauty in the simplicity, then trying to convince yourself through the enhancements will be impossible.

Now, through all of this reading you may think that I'm completely against any form of enhancement to what has been beautifully created. But contrary to popular belief, I love lashes and I always live for a good brow, but this love had to be taught through the understanding that what I begin with is the most beautiful. The foundation of what you begin with is always going to shine through enhancement, so a love for the foundation is essential for love of the whole.


Being completely transparent, it took me a good portion of my life to recognize these thoughts I've shared with you in this post. It took reflection and understanding of who I was meant to be. I know that many young people of my generation determine their beauty or value by attention from the opposite sex, but you have to remember that whoever God intended for you will be for you. So take this time to focus on making yourself the most ready for when that time will arrive. Focus on building your most authentic and wholesome self so whatever comes, you'll be able to offer as opposed to take away.


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