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Demanding vs. Manifesting

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." - Philippians 4:6

I know some people may have difficulty knowing the difference between demanding and manifesting within your life, but the difference is pretty simple. Demanding sometimes can come with a heart of selfishness, but manifesting comes from more of wanting the best in your life and speaking it into existence in accordance to what God intended.

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose." -Philippians 2:13


Within our lives, if we choose to make up in our mind what goals we want for ourselves and work towards them along with prayer for guidance from God, then what we speak over our lives will be honored by God. He hears what we have to say, even when we aren't saying it directly to him. The Lord loves to honor the requests of those who bring those requests before him and allow him to have control within how we approach those goals. As a young adult, trying to navigate through college, of course I have goals set out for myself because I'm growing and learning each day. College leaves you with situations in which you have to make quick decisions and sometimes the decision you make can be a huge mistake, trust me I know lol. But a huge apart of growing is recognizing those mistakes and choosing your next step, your next goal, to show the growth from that mistake.

I've found that manifesting goals that I want within my life has helped me to accomplish a task each day that I can look back on and realize that although I've had those mistakes, they haven't stopped me from being in the position I am now. I am well aware that some influencers had tried to push the idea that through manifesting all you have to do is say what you want and it'll happen, but the reality is that you need to apply work, apply effort to build that dedication towards your goal. If you work for it, once the goal has been accomplished and placed in front of you, you can truly appreciate how you even received that blessing.

Speaking on what you want in your life also requires you to speak better on yourself. There's absolutely no way you can speak over your life in such a positive way and not begin to believe it for yourself. It's something about constant affirmation that makes you begin to believe it, sometimes without your knowledge of it even happening. It requires you to have an awakening to the greatness you are actually capable of. Once you see yourself in the position of accomplishing all that you set in front of yourself, you'll understand the value of whatever gifts or talents you have to offer.

Patience and Intentional Work

I had to learn this topic the most, because when we speak something, we expect it to happen right away. I don't want to completely say that God tests us, but he wants to see our dedication to the requests we've made and ultimately our TRUST in him and what he can do for us. Once we begin to master the patience and peace through our growth the work for it will come easier to us. Patience creates Discipline and that Discipline molds that necessary Intentional Work Ethic.


In no way am I saying this process is going to be easy, but it is sooo worth it. Once you begin to master this process of thinking and work, you'll begin to see improvement in other areas of your life. Your relationship will grow with Christ, you'll see more joy within your life, and you'll live a life you truly enjoy. "When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul." - Psalm 94:19


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