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End of the Week Check-in!

Whether it was just another week for working or if you started virtual school like me, lets just take the time to check in with each other!

Being able to go through this week of change in how school is delivered has allowed me to see what I'm capable of. I can see how far I can stretch myself, I can see what I'm able to make priority in my life versus what may have to take the back burner for the moment, and how important my education is although it's not being delivered in the usual manner. Yes, I was one of the first people who was mad that I wasn't going to be able to be on campus, because I'm young, the college years are the best of your life lol, and I'm ultimately trying to carve out and find my independence. But as each day progresses, as time goes by and I'm able to have different experiences in my life whether good or bad, I have nothing for appreciation for this time that required me to take a break in my life. Taking that moment to breathe, taking that moment to take experiences as they come, and taking that time to grow and evolve myself. I'm going to be honest, when I was at school, yes I was growing age wise, but the call on my maturity was being hindered in the ways I was handling myself at school. I wasn't being pushed to think higher for myself or want more for myself. I was living contently not really looking to push the barriers. Being home has completely changed the ball game for me. Don't get me wrong, the moment they say we can come back on campus, I'm there lol, but I'll be there with a more focused and thoughtful mind that will guide me in the opposite direction of mistakes that I may have been previously gullible too. Yes, I miss school, but I don't miss what it would have been like if I didn't change my mindset in the way that I have during all this separation.

Going more from the standpoint of still just working, you can still have the same outlook on it all. I've also had the experience of working for my mom and then of course with my company as well. Taking that time to get time outside similar to what I was doing in the picture above, will help to give you a brain break. It's definitely good to work, but overworking is a very real thing. Pushing yourself to a place where you feel strained and exhausted will leave you with the feeling of not being able to continue on. It can be as simple as going outside to breath and looking up at the sky or around you to see what God has created. Being able to appreciate his hand in your life whether that be in the success that you're currently having or the love that you feel around you and from others. Sometimes things may not be going the best in your life whether that means business wise or personal, but what you can still do is be appreciative that he allowed you to have another moment of breath, another moment to be secure where you are, and ultimately another moment to experience some time with him. I think the biggest issue with social media today is that it's about constant comparison. It's always about seeing what the other person may have in comparison to what you have. Sometimes the perception of what the media is presenting isn't even authentic, but the agenda of society has fed people this idea that if you can't outwardly show it, then it isn't real. Don't allow this to become a narrative in your life, if you have to get rid of the media influence for a little while, then do so. Nothing bad is going to happen if you decide to unplug for a little bit. If anything, things will begin to get better and you'll notice details and improvements about yourself that weren't prioritized before.

I know I may have gotten a little off track throughout this post lol, but the message is still the same. Check in with yourself, check in with others around you, it's all about the support that you need for yourself and the support that someone else may need for them, but they don't necessarily know how to ask. You have to be the one there for you, because you're the first, last, and sometimes the only person who knows how different events in life are effecting you. It's okay to say to yourself that you're not okay, but what isn't okay is allowing yourself to stay there in that not okay state. Once you recognize it, take action on it. It's not a master plan I can give you, it's simply taking a break, getting in tune with you, and allowing outside influence to take a break from having control in your life.

I'll leave you with this, be encouraged, don't allow the desire to get ahead to shadow the significance of the journey, and make checking in with yourself a habit.


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