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Living For you

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." - Les Brown

Life has it's obstacles, yes thats true, life has its triumphs, thats also true, but the worst thing that can happen in your life is letting it completely pass you by. Now by the title of this post you may think that I'm saying you should be selfish and make your life consumed with you. Not at all, but I am saying that there needs to be a specific and dedicated area of your life when you check in with yourself and put you first. I've sadly seen situations when people find themselves lost in the later years of their life simply because they decided to live for their parents or for other people. You can live a life where do things for others, but you cant live a life when you live for others. It may take you taking that time to look at yourself, take a moment to yourself and ask yourself honestly, what do I want for me? Figuring out what's important to you, what you want to accomplish, where you envision yourself at different stages in your life. Now I know that certain circumstances may hinder your ability to see beyond the trouble your going through, but the ability we all have that isn't determined by our circumstance is the ability to see and want better for ourselves. Allowing comparison to creep in or outside opinion will rob you of all the joy you could possibly have in your progression and potential progress. Beginning to put you first when a situation is no longer healthy or beneficial too you is an excellent first step. Just to give you a small example, this week I went to a picnic with some of my friends and we began the conversation on how some young men of our generation expect to have a woman with goals and aspirations, but don't want that sacrifice that comes with that and we all mutually came to the conclusion that this is a struggle we've had to learn to deal with, a common theme that happens for young ladies of our age. Learning through this new journey in my life that if you aren't adding or helping my ability to improve, then I have to provide separation because I'd rather be alone then living in constant wonder of how will this bite me in the butt later. Now I'm not at all saying that you can't grow with someone and feed into their potential, but I am saying that there is a limit that you wait around for their ability to come into practice. Purely from that example you can see that it's not selfish, it's taking personal attention to your improvement and what is going to keep you in the best possible position for unhindered progression. Moving away from the relationship with the opposite gender, to purely the essence of friendship. When you live for you and begin to truly capture what they means, you won't have any problem loving on other people's success, other people's discoveries, and other people's growth. Being able to love the success for your friends without hindered excitement allows a personal freedom that allows you to live without barriers. If you live in constant comparison and jealousy, comparison and jealousy will be your biggest barrier. Don't allow it to control you and it's never to late to begin to live in the freedom away from this seemingly unbearable shackle. So make the decision now to change your mindset, to recapture the love for what you can do without the influence of what goes on around you.

"I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well." - Psalm 139:14


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