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New FavUred Beauty Sugar Scrubs!!!

Get beautiful, moisturized, and soft skin with my hand and body sugar scrubs. The available sugar scrubs are Coffee Detox Hand and Body Sugar Scrub, Vanilla Deep Body Sugar Scrub, and Vanilla Soft Body Sugar Scrub. Each Sugar Scrub is hand made by me and made to order, so order yours today! You can find the Paypal button on the home page picture and I can accept all forms of credit cards, debit cards, and paypal! Since each product is made to order you should expect to get your order within 3-5 days, maybe a bit longer if you live in another State. Each Sugar Scrub is $10.00, and also, make sure you specify which sugar scrub you are looking to purchase in the comment section when you check out!

First up is the Coffee Detox Sugar Scrub. This sugar scrub can be used for both your hands and your body and will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized even without lotion! This sugar scrub can be used in the shower or even just as a quick hand exfoliator as your getting your day started or moving through a hard day and you just need a break. Indulge in the smell of fresh coffee and take care of your skin while you're at it. Order your coffee detox scrub today and begin taking care of you in the way only you know how!

Next is the Vanilla Deep Sugar Scrub. This Sugar Scrub can give your body that extra, deep exfoliation that it may need after a long day of working or special attention on your dedicated spa day. This Sugar Scrub will leave your body soft and give it a natural luster and shine that will give a jumpstart to your day or a great ending to your night. This sugar scrub gives a scent of vanilla that will fill the whole shower and leave you in a relaxed state. If you love to give your body a deep and focused exfoliation then this scrub is for you!

Last, but certainly not least is the Vanilla Soft Sugar Scrub. This sugar scrub works for anyone, but is more dedicated to my sensitive skin people. This sugar scrub, similar to the first vanilla sugar scrub, gives your skin that soft and shiny feel. Leaves your skin moisturized and ready to begin your day or end your night. The smell once again feels the shower with a warm vanilla smell and gives you a moment of relaxation before the craziness may begin again. It has a smooth consistency that glides over the skin and leaves your skin happy that you used it. Indulge yourself and order today!

Whatever scrub suits your lifestyle, make sure you don't miss out! Get your hands on yours today and enjoy the relaxation that comes when you take that little extra time for yourself!

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