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Protecting Your Energy

"Protect your energy, protect your peace."

Inner Peace

People take care of their outer appearance, taking care of their hair, nails, skin. People will take care if their money, work as hard as they can to push themselves forward ahead of the competition. People will take care of their perception to other people, how people view them, what the overall opinion of them is according to other people. But the biggest thing most people forget to do in all this hustling and worrying is taking care of the inner, the motor that gets you going, your mind. Your inner peace motivates you to keep that outer appearance well kept, it gives you a good jumping off point to become all you can be, and it eliminates the need for constant approval from those around you. Taking care of YOU should be your first and only concern. I know the idea of you being the only person who can know about you and only care for you in the way you need it is thrown around, but it's true. Yes, we can have significant others in our lives and family who can love us, but the only person who can truly be in tune with you at EVERY SINGLE POINT IN THE DAY is YOU. You're the only one during your entire life time who will have the ability to know your feelings, your thoughts, and your concerns the minute they come about. So treat your care and thoughtfulness about yourself accordingly.

Moving On and Separation

Now the hardest thing in this whole conversation has to be moving on from certain relationships, whether they be romantic relationships or just friendships, letting go of familiarity is never easy. Most of the time and what I've noticed specifically with me is I have trouble letting go of a relationship because I'm so familiar with it and it seems weird or unnatural to move apart from it. But what I've had to learn as I grow into a young woman and more importantly a young adult is that all relationships are not meant to last forever. Some relationships are meant to be lessons, to provide me with knowledge of what is not healthy for me or doesn't provide any substance to my life. The saddest part of it is when you've developed a deep and somewhat meaningful relationship and it's sort of ran it's course. But the Lord won't purposely remove people from your life that are meant to be there. If they aren't meant to be there, the Lord will provide a way in which you have no choice, but to let go.

Living For You

I know that title may present itself as being selfish or self-centered, but honestly sometimes you need to make yourself your main focus. If you give, give, give, you won't have anything left for you. It's great to be selfless and to give to others, but it has to be done in moderation. Do what makes you happy, do what you enjoy, so what bring you peace. Whatever relationships that are meant to be in your life will honor those decisions you've made for yourself. Anything worth having or anyone worth having shouldn't require you to compromise just to receive it. Live for you, live in purpose for you, and the relationships that the Lord will bless you with will follow. Don't question giving yourself that moment of being put first, just remember that it's necessary for your overall well-being and personal advancement.

"Perhaps you were born for such a time as this." - Esther 4:14


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