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"Self-Love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself." -

A Seemingly Impossible Battle

Within this generation I've noticed that self-love and self-care has become a popular topic and many people have been trying to figure out the formula to accomplish them. Considering much of the challenge of self-love begins with yourself accepting the imperfections within you, some people get held up at that very step. Although it seems impossible, it isnt when you take the time to focus. Some of the biggest things that hinder people in their journey or don't allow them to begin it at all is finding the self-love within a significant other, within a job, or within a social media platform. The main issue in that is the biggest part of the statement is SELF-love. Pulling influence from everywhere else doesn't tackle the problem of coming to terms with having an internal battle with how you view yourself or the value of the abilities you hold. Much like the stress reduction routine, this takes time, it takes patience, it takes intentional energy to want and bring about the change.

"So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day." - 2 Corinthians 4:16


Self-Love in it's simplest form is a self-understanding and self-appreciation for oneself, understanding short comings for what they are as opposed to them being setbacks. There is always a part of you that makes you unique, and that includes parts that standout and those that aren't as noticeable. Every person has some part of them that is done better then someone else may do it, that's what gives us individuality. Individuality is an amazing blessing that we're given, it's what gives each person's life the uniqueness they deserve.

Inner Beauty

Although it's nice to take care of the outer beauty, and it's also fun to make ourselves look good, that doesn't benefit our personal love in any way. I've met people before who I could tell that they didn't have any value for themselves, but the outward appearance seemed the best it could be. I could feel their emptiness through our interaction, I could feel that those alterations to their outer appearance had no true effect on the inner love and belief in themselves. After some time, those facts will show themselves to be true, because you'll find yourself empty and lost when the men run out, when the job gets changed, or even when your social media influence is no longer going your way. Beginning and ending with the beauty and light of your heart is the only change that is important.

Eliminating the Control of Outer Beauty

Once outer beauty isn't a determining factor to what you think of yourself or your situation, then comparison between you and others can slowly become less and less of a factor. Comparison becomes an issue when your belief that you lacking in an area is greater then the areas that you excel in. Your journey and qualities are unique to you, just as another person's journey and qualities are unique to them, expecting to have the same abilities creates an issue of now trying to cross your journey with someone else's. Comparison doesn't lead to anything healthy, it only leaves you with a never ending search for satisfaction that will most likely never come. Comparison can also put you in a position where you have a unhealthy attitude or approach to another person's success. Self-Love and inner beauty can't come until you can have a genuine joy and appreciation for what someone else's success and prosperity.


Prayer is the biggest and most influential advice through this whole blog that I can give to you. Only the Lord can change the hearts of man, just ask him to improve your love and appreciation for where you are right now and where you're going. Love and Beauty within your heart has no choice, but to spill out and over into a self-love of yourself. As we know many people say follow your heart, so if we have a heart full of love and appreciation for ourselves then everything else we do will follow. Through your prayer over your journey you'll begin to form a trust in the Lord that he has nothing but blessings in store for you that will truly only be for and intended for YOU. "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good." - Romans 8:28


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